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Electronic Giving is now an option at MHUMC

Mary Helen United Methodist Church is now able to receive donations electronically through PayPal.  Using this new electronic donation capability is totally voluntary and your ability to contribute to MHUMC as you have done in the past is not affected in any way.

Electronic Giving is a convenient, consistent way to help our church grow.  Both one-time donations and scheduled periodic donations may made be made electronically.  Giving may be initiated on a computer or a smart phone.   Donations may be charged to credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts.  You will no longer need to write out checks and prepare envelopes every week.  Even when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, your electronic contributions will continue to be received on an uninterrupted basis.

 If you are interested in using this new electronic system to make pledge payments, to make donations please click on the button labeled  “DONATE” to go to the MHUMC electronic donations page.  The page will walk you through the process of signing up.  

This electronic giving capability is being provided through Donorbox.  The system will be evaluated after a year of operation.

If you have any questions about this new capability, feel free to contact Tracy Turner at our office 606-573-5221.

Donate via PayPal